July 21st, 2018

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Single-Port Laparoscopic Rudimentary Horn Resection for Cornual Pregnancy in the Noncommunicating Rudimentary Horn of a Unicornuate Uterus Mimicking Tubal Pregnancy: A Case Report
Authors:  Sang Wook Yi, M.D.
BACKGROUND: Pregnancy in a noncommunicating horn is an extremely rare condition that results from the transperitoneal migration of sperm or a fertilized ovum. The preoperative diagnosis of rudimentary horn pregnancy is difficult. We present a technique for single-port laparoscopic rudimentary horn resection for cornual pregnancy in a rudimentary horn mimicking tubal pregnancy.

CASE: A 23-year-old, nulliparous woman was preoperatively diagnosed with a right tubal pregnancy. Under laparoscopy, the diagnosis of a cornual pregnancy in the rudimentary horn was confirmed. We successfully performed a single-port laparoscopic rudimentary horn resection.

CONCLUSION: Rudimentary horn resection under single-port laparoscopy is a safe and cosmetically satisfactory technique that features the advantages of rapid and easy surgical specimen retrieval.
Keywords:  cornual pregnancy, laparoscopy, rudimentary horn, single-port laparoscopy, unicornuate uterus, uterus
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