October 18th, 2018

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l Cancer Metastatic to a Dental Extraction Site: A Case Report
Authors:  Sareena Singh, M.D., Gaetan Pettigrew, M.D., Robert DeBernardo, M.D., and Kimberly Resnick, M.D.
BACKGROUND: Metastatic tumors to the oral cavity are rare. Even more rare are cases of metastases to postextraction sites.

CASE: We present an unusual case of a 46-year-old with widespread cervical cancer diagnosed after she was found to have a metastasis in her oral cavity at the site of a recent tooth extraction.

CONCLUSION: Given the rarity of metastases to the oral cavity, routine oral ex-
amination in patients with advanced disease cannot be recommended. However, in patients who present with other sites of metastatic disease and have focal symptoms to suggest possible involvement of the oral cavity, assessment of the oral cavity should be considered.
Keywords:  cervical cancer, cervical squamous cell carcinoma, dental extraction, jaw, metastases, metastasis to the jaw, metastatic disease, oral cavity, tooth extraction
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