July 13th, 2020

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A Note from the Editor-in-Chief
Authors:  Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.
  Welcome to the September-October 2019 Editor-in-Chief’s page. This editorial column will focus on articles that discuss treatments that might impact reproductive technologies.
In This Issue
• Detection of Chromosome Abnormalities in Early Spontaneous Miscarriages: A Comparison Between G-Banding Karyotyping and Chromosomal Microarray Analysis
J. Song, F. Yu, M. Xie, B. Wang, and C. Zeng
The investigators looked at a large number of prenatal samples obtained by chorionic villus sampling from spontaneous miscarriages and compared the detection of chromosomal abnormalities, using standard G-banding karyotyping (GBK) and chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA).
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