January 15th, 2021

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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Used in Non–Male Factor Infertility May Not Improve Pregnancy or Live Birth Rate of Advanced-Age Women with Four or Fewer Oocytes Retrieved
Authors:  Huiqun Yin, Ph.D., Hong Jiang, Ph.D., Ruibing He, B.S., Cunli Wang, M.S., Jie Zhu, M.S., and Zhenyi Cao, B.S.
  OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical outcomes of conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) used in non–male factor infertility for advanced-age women with ≤4 oocytes retrieved.

STUDY DESIGN: A total of 312 women aged 40–45 years with no more than 4 oocytes retrieved during IVF/ICSI treatments were enrolled in this retrospective study. Of those, 188 patients with 225 fresh cycles were assigned into the conventional IVF group, 63 patients with 95 cycles were assigned to the M-ICSI group for male factor infertility, and 61 patients with 88 cycles were assigned to the NM-ICSI group for non–male factor infertility.

RESULTS: There were no significant differences in the patients’ characteristics or in the rates of clinical pregnancy (18.49% vs. 7.5% vs. 10.26%), miscarriage (40.91% vs. 66.67% vs. 50%), and live birth (10.92% vs. 2.5% vs. 5.13%) among the conventional IVF, M-ICSI, and NM-ICSI groups, respectively. It was also observed that the laboratory data were similar among the 3 groups, except for the number of MII oocytes and polyspermy rate per oocyte retrieval, which was lower in the NM-ICSI group than in the IVF group.

CONCLUSION: Performance of ICSI insemination in non–male factor infertility for advanced-age women with few oocytes retrieved might not improve the clinical pregnancy and live birth rates as compared with conventional IVF.
Keywords:  advanced age, aging, assisted reproductive techniques, fertility, fertilization in vitro, infertility, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, in vitro fertilization, IVF, live birth, live birth rate, maternal age, non-male factor infertility, oocyte competence, ovarian reserve, pregnancy, pregnancy outcome
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