January 15th, 2021

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Quality of Examinations Carried Out by Hysterosalpingography with a High-Pressure Injector: An Analysis of Correlative Factors
Authors:  Junchu Bao, M.Med., and Qinghua Wang, B.Med.
  OBJECTIVE: To analyze correlative factors that might influence the quality of hysterosalpingography (HSG) examinations using a high-pressure injector, and to improve the quality of HSG.

STUDY DESIGN: The HSG images of 303 patients with complete medical records who underwent HSG due to infertility were evaluated for quality. Evaluation criteria were divided into 2 categories: good and poor quality.

RESULTS: General clinical data from the 2 groups of patients with good- and poor-quality images were compared using the t test and the χ2 test to identify significant differences. Univariate analysis was then performed to investigate the correlation between the quality of contrast examinations and a variety of factors including age, dose of contrast medium, flow rate, uterine malformation, bilateral proximal fallopian tube obstruction, unilateral proximal fallopian tube obstruction, unilateral or bilateral distal fallopian tube obstruction, and contrast medium reflux. Logistic regression anal-ysis revealed that the image quality was correlated with the dose of contrast medium injected, injection rate, unilateral or bilateral distal obstruction, and the reflux of contrast medium.

CONCLUSION: The quality of images produced by HSG was related to a range of key factors, including the dose and rate of contrast medium injected, distal obstructions of the unilateral or bilateral fallopian tubes, and contrast medium reflux. Accordingly, the quality of HSG images was improved by reducing the dose and rate of contrast medium injected and by reducing or preventing contrast medium reflux.
Keywords:  assisted reproductive techniques, contrast agent, diagnostic imaging, fallopian tube obstruction, fallopian tube patency tests, fallopian tubes, infertility, flow, flow rate, hydrosalpinx, hysterosalpingography, pregnancy rate, quality
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