January 15th, 2021

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Use of the ESCAPE Mnemonic May Help Differentiate Functional Ovarian Masses from Ovarian Neoplasms
Authors:  Michael G. Kelly, M.D., and Samuel S. Lentz, M.D.
  Adnexal masses are often identified incidentally on physical and pelvic examinations and during cross-sectional imaging studies, such as CT scan, being performed for other reasons. Many of these masses are functional cysts—these can be managed conservatively without the need for surgical intervention. Although contemporary management of adnexal masses often involves imaging, understanding the pathophysiology of functional lesions and implementing the mnemonic ESCAPE may provide additional information in the initial management of a patient with a palpable adnexal mass. This approach, in conjunction with sonographic imaging, may further minimize unnecessary surgery in patients with palpable adnexal masses.
Keywords:  adnexa, adnexal masses, diagnosis, International Ovarian Tumor Analysis, mnemonic ESCAPE, ovarian cancer, ovarian neoplasms, preoperative evaluation, risk assessment, ultrasonography
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