January 15th, 2021

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False Positive ROM Plus Result Associated with Cervical Herpes Simplex Virus: A Case Report
Authors:  Tiffany Swanson, D.O., Joshua Leichty, D.O., Leah Kurth, D.O., and Gregory Goyert, M.D.
BACKGROUND: Inaccurate diagnosis of preterm prelabor rupture of membranes (PPROM) can lead to adverse fetal and maternal outcomes. The ROM Plus Rupture of Membranes Test, a monoclonal/polyclonal immunoassay test, aids in the diagnosis but has the potential for false positive results.

CASE: A 25-year-old wom-an at 21 weeks’ gestation presented with symptoms concerning for previable pre-labor rupture of membranes. ROM Plus was reported as positive in the setting of absent ferning and normal amniotic fluid index. She was discharged home with suspicion for a false positive result and was later diagnosed with herpes simplex virus infection of the cervix.

CONCLUSION: Preterm prelabor rupture of membranes can have serious consequences and should be accurately diagnosed. Further research is needed to assess the potential association of herpes simplex virus with a false positive ROM Plus test result.
Keywords:  amniotic fluid index, false positive, ferning, herpes simplex virus, IGFBP-1, point-of-care immunoassay, pooling, premature rupture of membranes, ROM Plus®, rupture of membranes
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