January 15th, 2021

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Intramural Ectopic Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Treatment: A Case Report
Authors:  Dan Wang, M.D., Shengke Wang, M.M., and FuJie Zhao, M.M.
BACKGROUND: Intramural pregnancy (IMP) is a very rare form of ectopic pregnancy that can be difficult to diagnose. There were fewer than 100 cases reported. Early diagnosis is important because IMP can lead to serious complications.

CASE: A woman with an IMP was diagnosed by 3D color ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in our hospital. She was successfully treated by diagnostic hysteroscopy followed by laparotomy. 3D Doppler color ultrasound combined with MRI was able to help make an accurate diagnosis of IMP.

CONCLUSION: Our results demonstrate the diagnostic challenges of diagnosing an IMP and suggest treatment options.
Keywords:  hysteroscopy; intramural ectopic pregnancy; intramural pregnancy; laparotomy; magnetic resonance imaging; myomectomy; pregnancy, ectopic/diagnosis; transvaginal ultrasound
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