June 6th, 2020

Volume 63
Number 6
Lawrence D. Devoe, M.D.

 Original Articles
Elliot M. Levine, M.D., Melissa Dennis, M.D., Yahaira Plata, M.D., and Stephen Locher, M.D.
Nulliparous, term, singleton, vertex-presenting pregnant women may not all be at low risk for cesarean delivery, as some have suggested.

Olga T. Filippova, M.D., Heidi E. Godoy, D.O., Timothy J. McElrath, M.D., Daniel C. Kredentser, M.D., Patrick F. Timmins, III, M.D., and Joyce N. Barlin, M.D.
A retrospective analysis of patients with uterine leiomyosarcoma demonstrates only a 29% incidental diagnosis rate, with 71% having a high preoperative suspicion by various modalities.

Craig V. Towers, M.D., Shelly Compton, M.D., Katie Chattin, B.S., Emily Liske, B.S., Collin Smith, B.S., and Beth Weitz, WHNP
Newborns delivered with a low 1-minute Apgar score followed by a normal 5-minute Apgar score are at minimal risk for adverse perinatal outcome.

Logan C. Peterson, M.D., Timothy S. Batig, M.D., and Alison L. Batig, M.D.
In clinical practice, the probability of intrauterine device perforation may be higher than that reported by the manufacturers. The overall risk of perforation remains low (<1%).

Loralei L. Thornburg, M.D., Susan Bradford, M.D., Stefanie J. Hollenbach, M.D., M.S., Arie Shaw, M.D., and J. Christopher Glantz, M.D., M.P.H.
Although pregnant women and their obstetrical providers have significant gaps in their knowledge regarding sonographic screening tests, most patients feel adequately counseled.

 Case Reports
Jane Martin, M.D., Juanita Garces, M.D., Cuong J. Bui, M.D., and Sherri Longo, M.D.
The authors present the first documented case of spinal epidural abscess presenting with acute onset paraplegia at term and managed with cesarean delivery followed immediately by decompressive laminectomy.

Malini D. Persad, M.D., M.P.H., Xiannian Wu, M.D., Jennie Ou, M.D., J. Gerald Quirk, M.D., Ph.D., and David J. Garry, D.O.
The authors present 2 cases of gestational diabetes insipidus, both identified by excessive urine output and managed with desmopressin until spontaneous resolution following delivery.

Yujie Huang, M.D., Jun Ying, M.D., Wei Zhao, M.D., and Jian-hua Qian, M.D.
The authors report 3 cases of extremely high-risk or resistant gestational trophoblastic neoplasia patients who received a 3-drug regimen containing gemcitabine, oxaliplatin, and paclitaxel after failing first-line regimens.

Alyssa M. Larish, M.D., and Charles C. Coddington, M.D.
Review of the limited evidence regarding botulinum toxin–exposed pregnancies does not suggest detrimental effect; however, caution should be used until further prospective data are obtained.

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